Wireless content creator

Content creator specialized in wireless networks, edge computing (for wireless networks) and IoT.


About bwireless

bwireless consists of experts in various wireless and edge computing domains with long background working hands-on with networks and at the same time deliver courses as technical instructors. We love teaching and to produce content and the team members have created and delivered hundreds of courses on premise, virtually and on site over the past decades. We often write blogs, articles, prestudies, white papers and books and our team members are frequently asked to speak in conferences, teach university classes, work as strategic consultants or write articles about trending technical topics.

We have spent decades working with mobile networks, local networks, private and LPWAN networks, Internet of Things, asset tracking and Fixed Wireless Acess (FWA) and know these topics inside out.


Our mission is to help people to make smart, correct and sustainable business decisions.


What We Do

We love producing content and to create market studies, prestudies, white papers and articles in areas such as 5G, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, edge computing and IoT.

Our Clients

Who do we work with?

Among our references you find hardware equipment vendors from various industries as well as online training companies.

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