Other products and solutions

BWireless cooperates with the Swedish company Prime Design, a Swedish inventor of innovative and user friendly technical solutions. Prime Designs first commercial product, BaseLight, is a mobile LED light platform with integrated mast construction. It is totally unique as it combines low power consumption, low weight and shockproof design. This is a platform that you bring to a construction zone, a catastrophe zone or to a temporary event like a festival to provide light (normally powered by a cable, but can also run for hours or days on small batteries).

BWireless distributes this lamp in several ways:
- Stand-alone
- Without the LEDs (just the mast construction)
- Bundled with a 5 GHz or 60 GHz link.

As the 60 GHz Metrolinq also comes with an integrated Wi-Fi Access Point, BWireless solution is able to combine light, backhaul and Wi-Fi in a way that is unprecedented in the wireless/mobile market. The low power consumption also makes it possible to run the entire solution on batteries. For more information on this solution, please contact us.

Link to BaseLight product description: http://www.baselight.se/overview/